Heidi Klum - Heidi Klum's Top Five Rules for Succeeding in Business

You Have to Have a Goal

"Some people have not figured out what it is they want to do. That's the main problem. When I knew I wanted to be a model, I wanted to be a good model. First you have to have to have your goal."

You Should Learn About What It is You Want to Do

"In my business, it would be like knowing what photographers, what stylists, what magazines, [are in the industry] and being in shape for it. If you want to be a chef for example, then you have to know what are the best knives, what are the best pots and pans, what kind of food do you want to cook! What do you love to eat? Do you want to do Japanese, Italian, Chinese?"

Work on Your Confidence

"I think you have to just look at things positively. If you're scared, don't show it. Maybe it's cute when people are on stage and say they're nervous, but it's not so cute when you go into a business meeting. You have to look in people's eyes and you have to just say, 'this is what I like to do and this is why I'm here and I believe I'm good at what I do.'"

Be Open to Learning New Things

"It's not good to think you know it all—I don't think that's cool or smart. I think there's always more things that people teach you. Be confident and open to incorporating certain suggestions!"

Don't Take No for an Answer

"Be tenacious and don't give up. How do other people do it? I think a lot of things happen because someone knows someone, but there are other people [who succeed] because of their talent and because they don't give up. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. I know from people I work with, that people say 'I want to have Heidi’s career,' and my friends are like, 'but she also works very hard.' It's the truth! It's not as if I sit back and watch things fly onto my plate. I went for a lot of the things. It doesn't happen by waiting for things to happen because there are other people who are hungry. The early bird catches a worm."



Anonymous said...

those are some good tips for women entrepreneurs that Heidi Klum has put out there.

Luxual said...

Thank you for the link, I will check it out.