Project Runway Canada ~ Season 2

Project Runway Canada premieres on SLICE Saturday, January 31 - Since that's my b-day I will need to PVR this or watch it on Monday Feb 2 at 10pm.

The Project Runway Canada Designers are:

Adejoké Taiwo, 24, from Calgary, AB
Baylor Orlando, 37, from Montreal, QC
Brandon R. Dwyer, 22, from Barrie, ON
Camille Prins, 28, from Toronto, ON
Christie Clayton, 30, from Vancouver, BC
Danio Frangella, 33, from LaSalle, ON
Genevieve Graham, 30, from Vancouver, BC
Jaclyn Murray, 26, from Winnipeg, MB
Jason Meyers, 31, from Hamilton, ON
Jeff MacKinnon, 41, from Toronto, ON
Jessica Biffi, 25, from Toronto, ON
Kim Cathers, 29, from Vancouver, BC
Margarita Voultsos, 24, from Montreal, QC
Sunny Fong, 32, from Toronto, ON

Resident judges Rita Silvan, Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Canada, and Shawn Hewson, Creative Director of Bustle Clothing will be joined by an exciting line-up of celebrity guest judges each week, including actress Elisha Cuthbert, fashion model Coco Rocha and designer Wayne Clark.

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