THE SEXY SEVEN: Seven tips to dressing 7 lbs thinner ~ The Bra Book

85% of women are wearing the wrong bra, but you don't have to be one of them. Get all the knowledge you need in The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra.

Bestselling “Bra Book” Author and Style Expert, Jene' Luciani, who has been quoted in Cosmo, the Chicago Tribune and the NY Daily News, and appeared on national TV outlets including Fox News Channel and the Style Network, offers tips on how to look 7 lbs thinner in an instant. “Just getting the proper fitting bra can take pounds off your figure instantly,” says Luciani. But there are also some other easy ways to trim your figure, without having to hit the treadmill.
Now that we’re shopping for spring clothes and shedding winter layers, those extra pounds will surely show. So, before you hit the shops, keep these SEVEN slimming secrets in mind:

1. Beat Up the Muffin Man
“Finding the appropriate undergarments is one of the most important parts of looking your best,” says Luciani. If your underwear or bra is too tight, it can give you that muffin-top appearance or back fat that can make you appear larger than you are.
2. Get Waisted
“Adding a belt to highlight your waist – the thinnest part on most women’s bodies -can instantly make you look 7lbs thinner,” she says. Creating curves can often draw the attention to the waistline creating a slimmer and sexier style. You can find a belt that is customized for your own body at Badichi Customized Belts located at 159 Prince Street in Soho.
3. Boost Your Humps
Whether it’s your boobs or your butt, whatever your best feature, flaunt it. “Wearing something that flatters your figure best will draw more attention to those areas you’re proud of,” says the author. Bust UP Cups by KYMARO are a great addition to your bra for some extra cleavage.
4. Smooth Your Lumps
Smooth out lumps and bumps with a body shaper that sucks you in and tightens you up in all the right places. “Not only does it instantly make you look thinner, it also hides the cellulite and bulges you try endlessly to get rid of.”
5. Get High-er
”Heightening those heels can lengthen the look of your legs and give you a slimmer appearance. A good investment piece for spring that every woman should own is a pair of leg-lengthening, pointy toe, nude pumps. That’s the key to looking longer and leaner!
6. The Wrong Ruffles
Avoid bulky fabrics and ruffles in “all the wrong places.” “Ladylike trends like ruffles are huge this season but I’ve seen a big emergence of skirts with ruffles in places that aren’t flattering on most women, like the hips” says Luciani. The last thing you want to do is bring attention to trouble spots. Instead, opt for a fitted, hi-waisted pencil skirt, with some ruffle detailing on the hem.
7. Shine Bright, not Badly
Fabrics with sheen may seem sexy, but can really pack on the unwanted pounds. “Opt for shiny accents on clothes, as opposed to all over shine,” says the style expert. Also, we all love white pants for spring but if you’re heavier on the bottom, stick to a nice tailored trouser, as opposed to a white pair of skinny jeans, which can make you appear heavier. It’s also good to avoid big prints (which make you look BIGGER) and pay attention to details like neckline and the ‘rise’ on your pants.

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