Yoga: The pursuit of happy hips ~ Eoin Finn

Make Yoga a part of your healthy lifestyle. If you've yet to include yoga in your daily routine, here is a great DVD to get you started. Eoin Finn has been teaching yoga for over a decade. His new addition is called "The pursuit of happy hips" and it brings you 4 routines, that's over 4 hours of yoga. Here is an example what you can expect from the All levels..All good DVD:

Easy street:

51 min’s

More meditative offering to restore balance on days when you don’t feel like working that hard.

World Champions’ hips

79 min’s

Offering core strengthening, hip opening, back bends, forward bends, hand balances and twists. Full routine.

Hot chocolate ~ my favorite!!!

57 min’s

For days when you want to increase your fitness, and include the great benefits of yoga like flexibility, centeredness and calm. Features ultra yang sun salutation and an amazing butt, abs and core toner section.

All downhill

43 min’s

Gentle, but still invigorating. Mix of standing poses, front body stretches, back body stretches, twists and deep hip opening.

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