Yoga at home

If you are interested in trying yoga but have no time to go to a studio, there are free options. If you have a library card I suggest going online and putting a few yoga DVDs on hold to try out. You Tube is great source. I really enjoyed the following:

Once you get familiar with the poses, you might want to get some music Cd's. There are plenty you can download from free online as well from You Tube or iTunes. Ask friends, someone will always have some good meditation/yoga music.

What you will need to purchase:

Good yoga mat, and if you find that you are slipping while practicing, you can purchase yogi toes skid less towel to help you.

Yoga clothing must be lightweight and comfortable. You can do fitted, easy layered clothing or something more baggier.

Check back for some more info on breakdown of the different styles of yoga.

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