Green Works ~ Natural Laundry Detergent

As a part of "spreading the word" I agreed to participate in a new product on the market.

This time its Clorox Green Works™ Natural Laundry Detergent.
I have been purchasing ECO detergent for awhile now, and I am happy to try Green Works™ Natural Laundry Detergent as it will be available at most stores for purchase.
So far I have done 3 loads of laundry - 1 white (dirty socks), all whites, and blacks. Everything came out smelling fresh and very clean. It is plant-based so my husband will not be allergic :-) To top it off it is specially formulated for HE washers.

Give your clothes Green Works treatment!
If you were lucky enough to know me you already got one free sample. So what do you think?

Quick survey: For every completed survey wa $2 donation will be made to The Redwood, a family support shelter that offers assistance to those less fortunate (

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